Franck participates in the raising of $ 126 million

Board Seat & due diligence

Mission Pure Harvest

Sector : Agritech
Entreprise type : Serie A – Start-up
C-suite : CMO – Franck Boissinot

Product definition
Commercial strategy and execution
Due diligence support


Founder & CEO – Pure Harvest

”Franck has been a terrific resource to Pure Harvest Smart Farms and to me personally.  He’s a seasoned Marketing executive with directly relevant experience to support strategic & tactical decision making and then to follow-through by supporting execution – keeping both my team (and me) accountable.  Given his seniority, he has decision-level relationships within the organizations that we wish to engage and he uses his network to serve us.  This has created measurable value. I believe that the shared exec model allows SME’s to access tier 1 executive talent & insight in ‘fractional ownership’ – then allow the day-to-day operating team to execute orders under their guidance.  Most importantly, the execs get personally invested in the businesses that they support, become believers and then they cannot ‘turn off’ what made them successful in the first place – proven A-player expertise & an unwavering commitment to winning.  The companies Franck serves get 100% of his mind at the cost of 1/3-1/2 of his time.  The model works.”

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Reporting by Alexander Cornwell; Editing by Jan HarveyOur Standards.

DUBAI (Reuters) – United Arab Emirates agriculture technology start-up Pure Harvest Smart Farms has raised $20.6 million in fresh funding and secured commitments for a further $100 million, it said on Monday.