Support for Klaxit in the acquisition of iDVROOM

Internal governance

Mission Klaxit

Sector : Transportation
Entreprise type : Serie A – Start-up
C-suite : CTO & COO – Raphaël. BARBATE

We supported Klaxit in the acquisition of iDVROOM (carpooling subsidiary of the SNCF) on the technical, product and human level. Remotely, in Paris and Angers.

Results: no redundancies, negative purchase of 1.8m€, user base doubled in 3 months.


CEO – Klaxit

“Raphaël accompanied Klaxit as a transitional CTO during our takeover of iDVROOM from SNCF. One of our best collaborations with an external consultant. Raphaël is technically very sharp, totally autonomous, hyper organized and capable of both advising on IT strategy and getting his hands dirty by developing tools or software bricks himself. Raphaël has also advised us on management with a great deal of discernment and humanity. He also managed the technical teams operationally during the transition. Beyond his mission, Raphaël also gave me valuable advice on corporate strategy. I therefore recommend Raphaël not only as CTO but also as COO.”