Our Approach: Flexibility, transparency and alignment of interests

Great leadership can make or break an organization. In an executive-as-a-service model, Shared-C allows you to scale executive talent capacity up or down to create your dream team across finance, operations, marketing, and technology departments.

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Our awesome features
Time based fee

The main advantage of time-based fee is its simplicity. You agree with your advisor on the number of days per week or per month you need, enabling a clear, simple and easy to budget billing. Such pricing approach is perfect for our Professional Services and highlights the benefits of part-time compare to a full time resource.

Our awesome features
Success fee – Sweat equity

Operations such as M&A, fund raising, or disposition process need the support of a professional whose interests’ are aligned with yours. Therefore, we propose such services as success-based coupled with a minimum retainer. You may also need the support of a highly experienced advisor to engage over a long period of time with respect to your corporate strategy or need to engage an independent board member. In those instances, we also offer compensation based on Sweat equity enabling you to save cash for your expansion.

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