Join our C-Level community

We are a global network of experienced professionals and subject matter experts. We combine all of our skills and expertise to market our experience and offer highly sought-after services to our clients. We are Shared-C.

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Why join our community ?

Our members are stronger and more effective in sourcing freelance projects when they work together as a group

Join a community of peers

Our trusted network will support your Executive freelance activity

Enlarge your network & exposure

Access all members and explore international opportunities

Access premium tools & services

Access to professional grade tools, templates and documentation

A dedicated business developer

Participate in our Team Meetings with a dedicated Business Developer providing you with relevant advice

Transparent commissions

Receive clear and secure referral fees when you refer other members

Continuous learning

Stay up to date with the latest technology and market trends

Who is Shared-C for?

Shared-C is a dedicated community for experienced professionals who have held senior roles, our community members meet the following criteria:

+15 years career experience

+3 years C-level experience

An entrepreneurial mindset

How our teams work

Each member is part of a Team Group. This group consist of members from the same region. Within your group, you can share leads and best practices. You can also benefit from the advice and the knowledge of a dedicated Business Developer.

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Our clear and transparent model

Each member can market themselves and refer others ➡️ Fix your daily rate ➡️ Pay Shared-C membership fee ✔️ No markups on your own deals ✔️ 10% contribution if you refer another member ✔️ 5% for Shared-C only on referred deals

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, yes. We frequently receive strong applications from remarkable professionals who still have a strong network to contribute to the community, and we make exceptions on this basis. We are also planning on expanding the network in the future, so even if you aren't accepted at present, we may re-contact you to join in the future.

Absolutely. Most of our members do not come from sales backgrounds. When you join a sales group, your group leader will provide you with everything you need to make simple and effective referrals.

The biggest problem with executive freelancing is that it's hard to prospect for new deals and projects whilst you're currently focusing on a project. That's where the Shared-C community comes in, our members are constantly building a pipeline of new projects through their participation in their sales groups, so they always have their next project being lined up even when working on another one.

We have trialled multiple models and found cold outreach to sales prospects is largely ineffective. That's why our model is based around collaborative sales groups. Only by participating in a group will you receive sales leads. Rather than cold and unfamiliar leads, leads introduced via your group are warm and relevant. and a personal introduction from a fellow group member makes a huge difference.

Shared-C isn't for everyone. If you aren't looking to grow your network, meet new people, and contribute to a community of peers, then we wouldn't recommend applying to Shared-C.

Join our community

Our members are currently referring clients to one another. Apply to join our community in order to receive members-only access to our sales groups and referral network.

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