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Growth strategies


Corporate strategy

Need to accelerate your expansion, engage internationally, reposition your services, redefine or enhance your business model, conduct a aturnaround, or engage into a transformation program. We support you over the medium-term by having a holistic and practical approach across your organization always focusing on generating maximum value for your business.


Time has come for your organization to constitute a board to ensure the implementation of a governance model to provide strategy guidance, assess your risks, monitor your compliance & reporting and before all provide a sounding board with an independent perspective able to assess and anticipate information gaps.

M & A

Define expectations, Type of potential investor assessment, Compliance and reporting review, company pre-assessment, Business plan, Valuation, Sale Memorandum, Prospection, Negotiation, Execution

Fund raising

Needs evaluation, Business planning, Valuation process, Identification of type of investors required, Business plan pack, Selection of prospective investors, Engagement mode, Presentation, Term sheet negotiation description


Short screening & due diligence

Quick business screening, SWOT analysis, Due Diligence: Operational, IT, Commercial and Contractual

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