Why work together ?

A unique blend of 7 core expertises to align
and deliver your business objectives

Seasoned executives network with deep experience in MNCs

Tailored Made
Select and combine the right skills with the right duration

Invest in key resources for the development of your venture

All our C-levels had senior positions and key responsibilities with MNCs 

A unique access to C-level community available in part time

Build to accelerate
Reach your objectives quicker and get more from your junior staff .

Shared-C offers numerous benefits for your business

#1 get hands on management

Orchestrate weekly your teams and projects for increased efficency at optimized cost

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#2 leverage expertise & network

Benefit from proven experience in business leadership and get access to a large network of experts for synergies, benchmark and best practise

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#3 Focus on priorities

Focus on your growth with our management support. Refine your strategic plan with fresh external eyes

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#4 shared time & cost with flexible exit

Get quality support for the desired number of days per week. Have your teams trained & processes set for a smooth exit

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